The University of Virginia’s chemical hearth has stepped into history.

The American Chemical Society officially designated the hearth, designed by University founder Thomas Jefferson and John Emmet

"In the dark shadow of the grove, on the margin of the brook, he beheld something huge, misshapen, black and towering. It stirred not, but gathered up in the gloom like some gigantic monster ready to

Each year, thousands of students and faculty members flock to the University of Virginia to learn and educate amongst this historic community.

What once was entertainment enjoyed at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello plantation again took center stage Sunday at the University of Virginia’s Rotunda.

As this edition of Virginia Magazine reveals, there are a lot of exciting building projects underway across Grounds. From the new School of Data Science, to the Karsh Institute of Democracy, to plans

If you gaze up, you can see eternity. The center draws your eye. Almost involuntarily, your view expands outward in every direction at once, eyes following the spokes that stretch to places still unimagined.

This year’s theme for Lighting of the Lawn is Full Power. The past few years have presented us with many challenges at UVA, yet through it all our community has remained strong. This year, UVA is back

The Rotunda Dome over the weekend became the planetarium that University of Virginia founder Thomas Jefferson envisioned in his early plans, but never realized. It took modern digital technology to

Dancing skeletons, spooky pumpkins, bubbling cauldrons and a haunted house will all make appearances on the exterior of UVA’s Rotunda this weekend in celebration of Halloween this year!!